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Sevilai Transport Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2010, solely a transport service .Engaging with our business clients in a practical and client centered way. Planning starts with the projection for our transport business and requirement to meet the emerging projected demands from our clients.

Known as 5 transport services since 2002 running successfully. And achieved every customer satisfaction from the beginning of our services. Reliable association and long term relations with other service providers. Implementing international standard quality of our service and management. We always consider our employees, sub-contractors, and clients as partners for quality assurance

We looking forward in building a workforce plan that allows flexibility for change, creating a co operative culture in times of complexity.

Implementing network technology with the aid of GPS in all our buses. Tracking all routes , buses locations and safety in order to smooth the interactions between employers and employees of the company. Plans to build resilience to ensure that workforce planning thrives. Looking forward to expand our business with more sophisticated advanced technologies, providing employees access to upgrade their skills and career.

We strongly believe and execute that the success of our organization depends on our customer satisfaction.

Kader - Managing Director

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